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Crepe Everyday Abaya

Crepe Everyday Abaya

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The most beautiful crepe material abaya featuring balloon arms and pleats going down the waist this abaya comes in two sizes. Size 1 being suitable for all this under 5’5 and size 2 being suitable for those under 6’0. This abaya is suitable for plus sizes.
This Crepe Everyday Abaya is a must-have for any Muslim fashion enthusiast. The beautiful crepe material gives it a luxurious and elegant look that is perfect for any occasion. It features balloon arms and pleats going down the waist, adding volume and movement to the abaya.

Available in two sizes, this abaya is designed to fit women of different heights - size 1 for those under 5'5" and size 2 for taller women. It's comfortable to wear all day long, making it perfect for everyday use.

The Crepe Everyday Abaya is versatile enough to style in many ways - pair it with statement jewelry or a hijab of your choice to complete your look.

Invest in this timeless piece today and add some sophistication into your wardrobe!

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